The Act Of Rising Again – The Reading

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The Act Of Rising Again. There’s something almost magical about it, mystical, it doesn’t lend itself to the norm, a manoeuvre that takes a little bit more. I mean why would you? Why would you rise again after certain disappointment, defeat, dejection. A week ago today we (TAORA Productions) held a Rehearsed Reading of our new play Subject To Contract. We almost didn’t. Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to cancel the first rehearsal, our talented Director had to pull out. I didn’t know what to do or how I could proceed. I’m an actress that can write – but I’m no director. Seven actors had been hired (I don’t do things by half I know!) I had to face them all…. or not. I considered turning my phone off and staying in bed until it all went away. No one had got back to my calls as yet anyway. No one had a concrete lead, and Idris hadn’t knocked on my door with a plan of action.
But I started my day. I went to bed and I rose Tuesday morning and acted like it was going to be ok.
I told myself we will be in rehearsal tomorrow with a director, and I began to go over my lines, draft emails and prep for the q&a element of the reading. A few hours later I heard back from the talented director Jennifer Tang, she was available and we were able to proceed with the reading.
I don’t quite know what you call that magical mystical thingy I mentioned earlier that helped me to get out of bed, and continue with my plans as though everything was going to be ok. I’m hoping we can identify that together with these blog type posts (this one being the first of a few). Maya Angelou knew what it was, she spoke about it in a poem #stillirise I think we may have all seen it at some point, whether you’re a creative (if you’re an actor, still acting I know you have certainly lived this) an academic, Mum, Dad, Man, Women or child, the act of rising again is one you would have seen, performed or believed in. TAORA Productions is all about excellence yes, but even more so we are about the journey to excellence. The setbacks encountered and the will to overcome those setbacks and win. Oh and the reading was a success. We were blessed by your support and positive feedback. We’re looking forward to bringing you more.

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