Good Ol’ Uncle John

December 26, 2018 admin No comments exist

It’s not very often I’m speechless. Perhaps I’m putting too much emphasis on what I need to/ought to say. 

It’s Christmas, the end of the year…

This time last year I had no problem. I had too much to say in fact, but now…Christmas 2018…

I’m in America, that’s a page turner or page scroller…though currently most of our audience is based in the UK….

Things are going well, that’s…

And then, just like that, while I type, the word consistency emerges to the forefront of my mind, and the chaotic, apologetic thoughts I had about this possibly being a not so great blog entry make way for the word, the way people would make way for royalty. 

So, this year did not start the way I thought it would, as a company we had a massive set back, but we-I got back up again, and kept on keeping on.


And now, stuffed with Turkey (Chicken, and Ham and Greens and Corn Bread and Biscuit –American crimbo dinners lol) with December about to bid us goodbye- we’re good. TAORA productions are good. Things are going well…

Sometimes one can have this belief or sense that for an interesting read, life or social media feed things have to be popping all the time. Drama, hype, good or bad. “Its ok as long as I can get some good selfies or a witty caption out of it.” 

Well you know what? Consistency is sexy too. Ok, so it’s not necessarily sexy lol I’m reaching with that one. You’re not gonna hear your pastor tell you to turn to your neighbour and holla that word at them and It might be associated with your good ol’ Uncle John, but there is nothing wrong with being or embodying it.


The English Oxford Living Dictionary defines the word as:

The quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly over time. 

Looking any sexier now? 

Lol ok pretend I didn’t say that, but I know you know what I’m saying, you get it. Being consistent not just in business, but in life is a great thing to aspire towards and nothing to be ashamed of. I believe it plays a massive part in the lives and careers of successful artists, creatives and entrepreneurs. It’s the stuff that makes Ruby wedding anniversaries and how our children progress in life.  

If it’s the same for you, you’re ticking over, life is good, still on your grind, believing the break you need will come soon then good for you, ain’t no shame in that. Take that selfie anyway and enjoy it. If being consistent is something you find challenging, there’s no shame in that either. I don’t think anyone is born reliable or with the ability to be constant. It’s something that requires discipline (after we’ve all just stuffed our faces I know) but thats like most things in life. Let’s keep putting one foot in front of the other, and we’ll be just fine.

See you in the New Year, 

Much Love

TAORA Productions x 

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