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Wearing two pairs of Primark’s woolliest socks to prevent Chilblains- perfect
Spooning with your pillow on the cold nights that lead up to the 25th – perfect
When the most expensive toy out this season is at the top of the kids wish list- perfect

Losing your job – perfect
Losing a loved one……..


I’m sat watching Ed Sheeran’s music video ‘Perfect’ tipped to top the charts this Christmas. In his video, he doesn’t have to deal with any of the things above. His sentiment is sarcasm free. It is perfect. It’s lovely that he found a love for him. How truly wonderful that this time of the year those documented in his video can all get together, smiles and hugs, sing a longs in the cabin and not a family feud in sight. No obnoxious Auntie in the background, no badmind….. Perfect.

A perfect Christmas video to end a perfect year – perhaps? Well, maybe. I think 2017 was a mixed bag.

There were Strawberry Dreams, but there were a lot more Coffee Escapes than I would have liked. There were changes and events which took place that have permanently shaped the world on a grand and local scale. There were winners that lost, and outside bets that won. Trying to make sense of it all can ‘do your head in’ (has to be said with a Nottingham accent for full effect).

So maybe we don’t, well not all in one go. I don’t know if one would ever be able to make sense of what happened in politics this year. I don’t know if there will be a reasonable explanation for the chaos that emerged in London on Black Friday – I know it was explained in the news, but for me – I still don’t know if there will be a satisfying explanation for it. I do know that when I see my nephew on the 25th he’s going to get extra hugs & kisses from me as a result. I know I’m going to put all that I have into the production of Subject To Contract in 2018, and to bringing awareness to the reality of what happens in real estate, and the housing divide between the classes #grenfelltower, this drive, a result of some of the bitter that has been served up in 2017.

But there was definitely some sweet too. This year has seen some fantastic productions in both theatre and film headed up by people of colour. Barber Shop Chronicles (Inua Ellams), Get Out (Jordan Peele) being two of my favs. TAORA Productions have formed relationships with many talented creative’s this year, and have partnered with some amazing people in order to bring you some special art in 2018. Not forgetting that we launched our website this year too!

So a mixed bag indeed. I think my GCSE English teacher would have been ok with that analogy. As always, we want to take the time to appreciate that this time, is not easy for everyone. For many (a few reasons listed in the opening), it will be far from perfect.

TAORA Productions was founded at a time when it seemed like there was no hope, but in the midst of being grounded, strength to rise again was found.

If you’re ending the year on a low note, you can rise in 2018. The courage needed for the act can be mustered, built and nurtured with each passing day.

Much Love
TAORA Productions x


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