“Rising again? That’ll be £10.99 please.”

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  My nephew is a toddler. He’s an accomplished walker. Took him two and a half years, but I can confidently say he now has walking on lock. In fact, he has running on lock now too. Wasn’t always like that, he took a few tumbles. On one occasion, he fell and banged his head on a glass door. My heart literally flew out of my chest, and was propelled onto the glass door with him from the shock of it all! My nephew was fine. He got up, dusted himself down and was off again. Me on the other hand, it took me a few minutes before I was able to get over it. 

The last few weeks have seen a set back or two for me, some tumbles, and it got me thinking; thinking and writing.  My nephew must have fallen over, I don’t know, hundreds of times whilst learning how to walk. All children fall; it’s part of the process. What I note is that for a child getting up again, and putting one foot in front of the other is relatively easy; it’s almost innate.  They might cry, but if they do it’s not for long. Before you know it, they’re up again without a second thought, and it doesn’t seem to cost them anything. As we get older – not so easy. The embarrassment from a literal fall, well that has the potential to stay with you forever, especially in this age of social media; it can be captioned, hashtagged or turned into a gif. A fall that bruises the emotions, one that stuns the spirit & the soul of a person, that type of fall can be one of the hardest to recover from. 


I don’t have a clear cut answer I’m afraid. I don’t know exactly why getting up after setbacks tends to be harder the older a person gets, but I think it has to do with investment. I think people are less inclined to take risks as they get older, and I think logic works out the cost and decides we can’t afford it. 

“Invest more time into that venture after it’s failed? Nope! ” 

“I told everyone I would make it this time – but I didn’t.”

“I’m tired, so I’m done.”




Just a few of the price tags attached to rising again. It costs, but I believe that’s because of the value on the goods in question. Your purpose, the endeavour, the thing that is the thing – that has value.  

If it didn’t, the fall wouldn’t have hurt so much, and that is the very reason why we have to get up again. Because it is worth it.

So it’s Easter Sunday; most are eating overpriced chocolate while they celebrate arguably the most famous rising again ever. I wanted to take this time to reflect on the act of rising again, and the importance of it. The price you may pay, but also what you can get in return should you choose to part with your time, energy and so on. 

So, as well as that big, fat, squishy, happy feeling one can get when one perseveres (I realise you might not be sold on this alone), 

  • You get to prove your haters wrong. 
  • You are more experienced the next time around. Certain knowledge cannot be googled; sometimes you have to experience something to truly learn the lesson. Experience means you’re less likely to fall in the same spot you did previously.
  • Finally, progression. Keep going you make progress; stay down and your goals and dreams remain at a distance. 

When accepting the Oscar earlier this year for ‘Best Original Screenplay’, Jordan Peele the director of the film Get out, shared that he stopped writing the film 20 times; 20! Adding that he ‘kept coming back to it’. 

Comebacks are great you know, not only in Hollywood films, but in real life too. When an ordinary person decides to dust themself off, get back up, no special FX and no fanfare, that is extraordinary!

Much Love TAORA Productions x

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