Surrounded By Women, Staring Into Space…

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As I write, it’s late afternoon. I’m sat at an unfamiliar desk on my non acting / non creative job, bored – and all the other admin girls are bored too. It’s Christmas in 10 days and work has slowed right down. The dream is TAORA Productions is in a busy office, with the phone ringing off the hook, negotiating deals with HBO and Netflix, drafting a stage play for The Haymarket Theatre whilst I learn lines for Scorsese’s new film – we are not yet there. We are sat in a boring office miles away from ‘the real London’ talking about Towie, well I’m not, I don’t watch that show. I’m thinking about finishing the final draft of Subject To Contract.
You made me smile today. I was walking around outside on my lunch break watching some clips from the reading, and your laugher at the jokes, the audible gasps from the you, the audience made me smile. You were so invested in the lives’ of the characters, their stories and the thought of finishing the play for you keeps me going. Yeah I wanna finish it for myself too, but the play is bigger than me, this is not just my story.
So, as well as eating (lots) over Christmas, Chicken being the main bird rather than turkey. ‘Turkey is too dry’ my Mum tells us every year, something I’ve heard quite a few Caribbean folks say actually. So, as well as eating , I will be writing and planning lots of ways to engage with you all in 2017, ways to bring more diversity to Film, Television and Theatre. Thinking about how I can convey the truth of the world we live in though the written form, and making you chuckle at the same time.
Finally, TAORA Productions would like to thank you for all your support and wish you a lovely holiday season. We recognise that this time of the year can also be a difficult time for many. Not speaking as a wanna be counsellor, but as someone who has known what it is to want to sleep away the Christmas season, and if that is you, we encourage you to find someone to talk to at this time. However the 25th of the month finds you, with a little bit of faith, hope and love you can rise again,


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