The Act Of Rising Again… On a Monday Morning

March 6, 2017 admin No comments exist

For many, the pursuit of the ‘Live To Work’ lifestyle is the driving force that gets them out of bed on a Monday morning.
On a Monday morning, a creative could find themselves anywhere at any time – today I was at the most boring location on earth! One may imagine temping in a library to be boring, but as an actor /writer the opportunity to explore the world of books can prove quite exciting. Banks? They’re actually quite interesting, there’s a lot to learn and they usually have really cool water filter thingy’s. This site however……forget the land where time stands still. Here time doesn’t stand still; it lies flat on its back, sedated waiting for Elephants to fly!
One of the main reasons it was so boring is because I had NO internet access whatsoever. None of the staff had access to the password for the Front Of House Desk and to top it off – I had No reception on my mobile phone either! Literally this site was dead. This beautiful, probably Grade something listed building in Bank was so boring!
I actually tried to see if I could sleep with my eyes open lol. Once I realised it was not gonna happen, my boredom began to turn to anger. I was vex. I began to think about the different ways I could have been spending my time today. Sending emails, setting up meetings, working on the next project (a stage play currently in the early stages of drafting), seeking investors for Subject To Contract, acting classes – I could have been doing so much. Being sat at a lonely desk with time flaunting itself at me really made me think. When you don’t have a social media site to scroll through, or the net to surf, when you’re alone with your maker and your thoughts, you can think.
Time is precious; it holds so many secrets and surprises. Being at this dry site reminded me of this. Invest it well. In the things you love and the people you love. I’m sure we’ve all heard some Aunt, Gran or Grandfather tell us ‘we’ll never get it back’ and trust me today, the loss was so tangible. Utilise every second and every minute.
FYI the first time I cracked a smile today was when one of the staff on site asked me if I ate Beef….the company order lunch in for its staff, the finest beef cuisine prepared by her counties finest chefs – my frown soon turned upside down lol,

Happy Monday People.

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