The Only Way Is Up

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If I linked the title of this blog entry to a song of the same name you would certainly be able to guess my age, well the decade I was born in at least. The group Yazz, song released in 1988. I was 5 years old, but remember the catchy, very 80’s tune like it was yesterday. 

 There are other similar claims; The Only Way is Essex for example. I’ve never watched the show, but am well aware that catchy phrases such as ‘Shut the Front Door’ became famous after the show aired, as well as one or two individuals…

Well why is Essex the only way? Why not Croydon, or Greenford? 

If you’re down, then I guess the only way is up. Who wants to plummet further down right? Having said that the Queen of Soul & RnB, Mary J Blige made a song and dance about moving downwards didn’t do too well in the charts though. 

There’s an argument that’s beginning to form in the social media world regarding productivity during this time, this time of global lockdown and quarantine we find ourselves in spring 2020. 

One side says something like ‘If you don’t create, cultivate, or capitalise on a million pound business idea during this time of lockdown, you’re a waste man.’ The other side says ‘Netflix & Chill, this is a crisis we’re living through not a time of calm.’ 

Which is it? Which way is best? 

I haven’t written for ages. Okay, so I was able to scribble down a short monologue the other day, but other than that-nowt (that’s Nottingham for nothing.) So this blog entry… forgive me if it’s rough around the edges, I’ve just been finding it a little hard to focus. I’ve heard a few other writers and creatives say similar things. I found a monologue the other day I want to learn. It’s practically perfect for me…I just haven’t learnt it yet. I’ve got time… I think that’s one thing most of us have right now. Even if you are still working, time that you would have spent out doing some activity is probably readily available to you now because that activity, that thing, or venue will be closed right about now. 

I guess when you think about it, there is time to create, cultivate and capitalise on that million pound business idea, but is now really a good time to do so? I don’t know…

I have friends that are working from home with their children, their cute, adorable, burst in through the door during a conference call, sticky fingered, can I have another snack please, look at me do this thing that is completely irrelevant – children. In this moment I am currently wfh with old school gospel music blazing from a room downstairs (not my choice lol). Others may be wfh with no view of the outside world, making it hard to see clearly on the inside, basically conditions that can make it challenging to do ones best work. Having said that, Netflix and chill all day, all day? Can one really live a life made up of a rest and play equation for weeks on end without any work? 

I love this quote. A friend from Drama School encouraged me with it some years ago. Maybe this is true of you. Maybe this time of social distancing and self-isolation has allowed you to look around and see everything, appreciate everything as you make your way to wherever it is you’re going. 

TAORA Productions is going to be 4 years old this summer. I spent ages drafting the business plan, thinking about where I want the company to be in 5, 10 years’ time. Who do we want to reach, what do we want to say. There have already been so many twists and turns and stops and starts, but the important thing is that we keep going, keep rising – it’s in our name. 

So we don’t always know which way to go, we don’t always have the most productive days. Yesterday I ate a tub of Marks and Sparks caramel crisps, a few biscuits (ok plenty of biscuits) a banana and watched Netflix and Corrie. Today, well today I’m writing. Tomorrow I’ll be on the Whole30 again 😉 During this time of down I believe it’s important to be nice to ourselves, whether we strike it rich on Bitcoin, or not. 

This down will end, quarantine will be over and then we’ll all be up again. In our respective lives, careers, relationships and families, I appreciate everyone’s up looks different, but we will be up. 

We will rise. Now I don’t know everything, but there is one thing I’m pretty sure of, when this is truly over, or maybe just before… there are going to be some banging parties and I want to be invited to all of them 😉

Stay safe, and be happy.

Much Love TAORA Productions x

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