When Things Don’t Go to Plan, Get to Planning.

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So, I need to say something. I need to give you some news and I thought I should do it via my blog. 

If I’m honest, a part of me is hoping that you don’t read this, and that you don’t follow the link. 

I’ve kind of made it hard to access, even though I know that as a business person, thinking in a social media savvy way ought to be the only way to think. I know that it’s all about making things clearly signposted and easily accessible because the click of your mouse or the tap of your thumb/index finger is needed, and for that reason I should make it easy. But … there’s a part of me that’s like, 

“if you don’t see this, I’m okay with it slipping under the rug. We don’t have to talk about this, I don’t have to talk about this, people hardly talk about this.” But – I need to, and there’s a part of me that wants to share this with you. 

So, I’ll just get it over and done with … 

Subject to Contract will not be staged this year. 

(Breathes out).

So, at this moment you could be doing one of three things. Looking at the screen, like:

 “Subject To Contract, what’s that?” (recoils head).

“Oh well, never mind.” (shrugs shoulders).

“And?” (rolls eyes).

If you have no idea what ‘Subject to Contract’ refers to, that’s great. It means I’ve one less person to hide from/apologise to/recite my one-liner to. If you rolled your eyes – come off my page bruv! Lol. If you were a shoulder shrugger, then I’m writing this blog entry to try to convey just how much this means to me, and maybe your shrug will change to a … virtual hug? (Alright, alright too much cheese. I’m sorry, I promise you I am a much better writer than that lol.)

Maybe there’s a 4th category that I’ve missed – a 5th or 6th. Maybe I’ll find out your POVs and I’ll be pleasantly surprised, but I felt that I had to tell you because you’ve been so supportive throughout the development of the company and its productions, and I know that there are people who were looking forward to seeing STC fully realised on stage … like, as soon as. 

So, what have I learned: producing is hard and there are often many setbacks. Of course they’re not usually posted online with a caption and a pretty filter, but they are incurred in different shapes and sizes and on a regular basis. In short, I’m in need of a few more bob to be able to put this particular play on. The irony is, I fundraised my way through drama school raising just over £8000. £8000 of money that I did not have to pay back. It was such hard work, but worth it. So worth it. After that, I thought my days of fundraising were over, LOL – nope, not if you decide to add producing to your credentials. In fact, being a producer means making a raise on a regular basis.

I set out to make a raise to stage STC by a set time and I was not successful. I felt embarrassed. I set out to do this thing and I had failed. After much prosecco, prayers from my Pastor and chocolate, I bossed up and arranged a meeting regarding financing this play. Now I’d say I’m about ¾ of the way through. 

When you were a kid, (strictly 80s babies talk now) did you ever read those adventure books where you could make up the story as you went along?

Like, do you choose to go through the tunnel to collect the magic shield, or do you dare the darkened woods for the invisible cloak? Turn to page 10 for the woods and page 20 for the tunnel. I did, and I’ll be honest with you: sometimes I used to cheat, lol. Wait, wait, wait don’t judge me yet. Hear me out please … sometimes I used to check out all the possible consequences before making a decision on which page to go to, because I wanted to make sure I made the right choice. I wanted to know the possible outcomes. Even when I was happy with my choice, I still wanted to see what would or could have happened.

A lot of the foundational work relating to STC has been done. I have re-drafted the play, taking all of your amazing comments on board. The venue and project partners are all set. Then came the setback, and now I’m at the point where I need to make a decision about how to proceed, only I can’t turn the pages before hand to find out what happens. 

I have other projects I’m working on. I learned very quickly that one always needs to have other projects to be working on, but STC … well, if you came to the reading then you saw it. It’s a good play. It’s my first play, and I wanna wave my baby off properly, you know? Like that mum standing at the school gates waiting until her child gets all the way inside. 

So (I’ve said so a lot haven’t I? lol) I’m going to take some time and think about this. I will definitely keep you updated. What’s a theatre, film or television maker without their audience? I appreciate you all so much. Yeah, I may get a high from creating art, but it’s not just for me alone. People need to laugh, sometimes cry, sometimes be fully emerged in something so fantastically bonkers and exciting and inspirational. 

Now? I’ve just finished my cup of tea. Those who know me well will know that it was accompanied by two biscuits … four biscuits. And now I plan. I plan the way forward, and I hope that you will follow me and be blessed along the way. 

The Act Of Rising Again … this is just that!

Love you guys,

Tara Alexis & TAORA Productions x 


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